Husky 655 R-10 Energy Saver Stairway

Sizes Range From
8'9"-10'8" Ceiling Height
(See Size Chart)

1x6 Treads

1x5 Stringers

1x5 Frame

Rated 350 lbs

Our new state-of-the-art folding attic stair meets the R10 thermal requirements for Energy Star Qualified Homes. This stair is both insulated and gasketed or weather stripped for peak performance and certified to meet the horizontal application. It also comes with all of the premium features that Husky offers:

• 3/8” Birch plywood or fire retar
dant Meranti plywood door

• 350 pound rating with double section hinges

• Treads made from 1x6 Southern Yellow Pine

• There are 11 steps in models that reach 9’3” ceilings

• There are 13 steps in models that reach 10’8” ceilings

• Stringer made from 1x5 Southern Yellow Pine

• All stair components are moulded to eliminate splinters and to enhance

• All metal parts are coated or galvanized to prevent corrosion

• A one year warranty against all parts.