Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to additional questions please contact or 901-795-9200
How can I tell if my stair is fire-rated?
There should be labels on the frame and topside of the panel door stating “Hoover” or “Dricon”.
Where can I purchase replacement parts?
You can call the factory at 901-795-9200 and explain what you need. Before calling be prepared with the following information: panel door size, date on stair, number of treads or steps in the middle section and whether the treads are painted.
Where can I purchase your product?
You can purchase our product from any full service lumber company (not discount centers).
Why is your stair better than the competition?
Our stair has one to two more treads making the distance between treads much less, therefore easier to walk up and down.
Why are some parts riveted together and other parts bolted together?
Some parts are riveted to prevent tampering or altering of the product.

Other parts are bolted to allow for tightening or replacement of worn parts.
Is there a stair offered with a 22” wide clear opening?
Our 30” wide stairs have a 22” wide clear opening.
What options can I get?
You can get double section hinges on the Model 655 only to increase the total weight capacity.

You can order weather-stripping to produce a positive seal or to prevent air leaks when the stair is closed.

Fire retardant materials can be ordered to give a 20 minute rating. We are the only company to include fire retardant well sides as well as a fire retardant panel door.
Do you have a stair for a 10-12’ ceiling that goes between trusses?
At this time we do not offer a product for this application.
Can I add a fourth section?
No. The stair is designed to have three sections that are load bearing. A fourth section would not be load bearing and could cause serious injury on failure.
Are parts interchangeable between various manufacturers?
No. Every manufacturer makes their parts differently. Just like various auto parts are not interchangeable, stair parts follow the same rule.
Why does the stair have missed bolts in the hardware mounted to the frame?
The holes in the hardware are to be used during installation of the stair. The 16 penny nails or lag screw should be placed in these holes and other holes on the frame. These holes will allow the stair to be safely and securely installed.