Husky 655 Disappearing Stairway

Husky 655 Disappearing Stairway

Husky 655 Disappearing Stairway

Sizes Range From 8'5" - 10'8" Ceiling Height
(See Size Chart)

1x6 Treads

1x5 Stringers

1x6 Frame

Rated 300 lbs

Rated 350 lbs with Double Hinges

Main Features

  • Pre-drilled Installation Holes
  • Full Width Heavy Duty Piano Hinge
    Reaches across the entire width of stairway. For added strength and rigidity, cuts out air leakage, and does not interfere with trim carpenter.
  • Easy First Step Out of Attic
  • Steel Ladder Rod Under Each Tread
    3/16" Ladder rod with large washers to keep HUSKY stairs rigid and prevent bending or separation under heavier loads.
  • Selected Kiln Dried Southern Pine Lumber
    All wood parts selected for density and load bearing capability.
  • Re-inforced Door Panel
    Spacer and Runner Construction on Door to Prevent Warpage.
  • Moulded Stringers, Handrail, and Treads
    Eased edges practically eliminate splinters & enhance finished millwork appearance.
  • Safety Locknut to Secure Spring Arm to Ladder Section.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension.
  • Nuts, Bolts, and Hardware Plated to Prevent Rust, no welded hardware.
  • Completely Assembled, ready to install with instructions supplied.
  • For Residential Use Only.

Optional Features

  • R-6 Insulation Panel
  • Fire Resistant Door & Well Sides
  • Weather Stripping
  • 350lb Capacity With Double Hinges
  • Birch Panel Door 3/8" Thick

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